TRI/DU S.T.E.M. Enrichment Program

TRI/DU S.T.E.M. Enrichment Program

The TRI/DU S.T.E.M. Enrichment Program is the sister program of the TRI/DU Y.E.L.T. Program designed for youth ages 9-15 years of age. The objective of the program is to assist children in recognition of their core strengths, skills, abilities, and aptitudes.  This program infuses conceptual framework such as S.T.E.M., Project Managementt, Leadership training and development, and a focus on core subjects to assist in closing the academic, occupational, and societal gap in life. 

Download our Brochure for full details. Contact us at or 443-267-8783 if interested in how our programs can assist your organization, families, or program. 

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